Woman Searching for Father She’s Never Known

Woman Searching for Father She’s Never Known

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Woman Searching for Father She’s Never Known

Helen, daughter of Margaret Brooks, is looking for her American serviceman father, Arthur REVERS or a name that sounds similar. If anyone can help at all or the story sounds familiar please get in touch. We believe Arthur was born around 1919, so he would be in his middle 80s now. Helen has wanted to find him ever since she can remember but has had no luck despite huge efforts. It is possible he was in the 116th, 25th Training Regiment, 29th Infantry Regiment or a Quartermaster or Ordnance Service Company? Perhaps a buddy might remember a man who fits this profile?

Margaret and Edmund Brooks

Margaret Brooks with her father,
Edmund A. Brooks in the early 1950s.

In 1945 he was in the UK, possibly in the Plymouth, Devon or Cornwall area. He may still have been in the area after most of the men had left after D-Day. He met Margaret Brooks when he was around 26 years old and she 21, their relationship deepened at a party held at a ‘nice home’ around March or April 1945 although Margaret knew Arthur by name previously. Arthur offered to see Margaret back to camp when she was taken ill. Margaret was a nice girl, from a good family who had led a very sheltered life.

Letters tell us that Arthur ‘was very fair if anything on the sandy side’ and had very piercing blue eyes. These letters made up my mother’s adoption file and we can’t be certain of their authenticity but what we have been able to check does seem to be correct. It is also possible that he was dyslexic, had a mild learning difficultly and left handed. He may have had family in Canada.

Margaret Brooks worked as a National Service Hostel assistant in the canteen, possibly the Lee Mill hostel in the Plymouth area. She never forgot Arthur throughout her life and tried to find him to no avail. It is possible Arthur and Margaret would have visited at her large house, ‘Stormcrest’, Woodford Villas, Marsh Mills, Plympton, Plymouth. There was a transport depot known as ‘Coypool’ very close to Margaret’s home that was still staffed by American Serviceman in 1945. Arthur left England suddenly in February, March or April 1945. Around this time so did the Red 8037th and 8038th Med San Cos ISU. If anyone knows anyone who served in one of the units that I have mentioned – or knows the name of a wider unit they might have been part of – we would love to hear from you.

Margaret’s father, Edmund Arnold Brooks, a retired builder before the Plymouth blitz destroyed most of his means of livelihood, was in his late 40s when Margaret (his only child) was born. His wife Violet Brooks had died tragically in 1942. Margaret had no choice but to try to secure an adoption for her child as her father was too elderly to help and she had no mother or other family to call upon. Margaret was sent to Lavender Cottage, Darite, St Cleer, Liskeard, Cornwall to have Helen. Margaret sadly died in 2000 before Helen could meet with her. (For additional details contact AmitiĆ© editor or Julia Bell.)

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  1. Might it be Arthur Rivers? I’ve seen a similar post to this and that was a potential name provided and that he was from Newark, Ohio. Same person?

    If so, that can be easily checked in familiysearch.org for free.

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