Student Brings Normandy Lessons Home!

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Student Brings Normandy Lessons Home!

Within days of his return from Normandy, 2019 student participant Nate Gebregziabher presented his experience to fellow students at summer camp in North Carolina.

Nate Gebregziabher presenting trip in North Carolina.

Nate brought his lessons home and immediately began to keep the memory alive!

My Visit to France

The Culture

The major difference in culture in France off first glance were 3 things.

  1. Architecture
  2. Foods and etiquette
  3. Impact of religion

People I Met

I met lots of people I would have never thought I would meet so many different types of people from different parts of the country and the world all at once.

The Pegasus Bridge

On the night of June 5th, 1944. 181 men in glider attempted to take over Horsa Bridge which is now named Pegasus Bridge in their honor.

Pegasus Bridge

The Mulberries

The Mulberries in WW2 were an artificial harbor that played a major role in the supply of troops needing armor, fuel,food and ammo. What amazed me was how fast they built it and how it maintained through the years.

The Mulberries modern day

The Mulberries The Mulberries aerial

The Battle for La Fiere

This battle was a pivotal point in order to secure an important rout inland for the allies. This turned out to be one of the bloodiest small battles in WW2.

The Battle for La Fiere Memorial La Fiere

My experience

I would never think in a million years I would visit France and spend 2 weeks learning about WW2 and spend time in very historical places. The history all over France was extraordinary from the monuments, beaches and museums every moment was a learning experience. Standing in the same places of soldiers made me feel what they were going through. This trip made me realize all the sacrifices made in order for the freedom of all.

Nate in France

-Story by Nate Gebregziabher

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