Remember Them by Charles Moore

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Remember Them by Charles Moore

Charles Moore, a participant in our 2004 International Experience, composed this poem while visiting Omaha Beach. Charles shared it with us during our journey and we want to make it available for you.


Charlie Moore shares his poem as our coach departs Normandy American Cemetery.

Remember Them

Many years ago
Before my life was spawned
A man would give his life
And be sent to that beyond.
Not because of age
As all great men should go
But because of his beliefs
Of that we all should know.

That freedom is not given
O' no it must be earned
And though their lives were taken
This lesson must be learned.
In remembrance of the lives
That this cause surely cost
Remembrance of the soldiers
Whose lives were sadly lost.

So though the time may pass
And the marks of war grown cold
Let's not forget the men
Who sacrificed so bold.

Copyright © 2004 by Charles Moore
All rights reserved

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