Poetry from Clayesmore Preparatory School

Posted by on Oct 25, 2013 in D-Day Poetry

 AuthorPage Number
Introduction Barbara Barnes 1
Tide of DeathIzzy Nixon2
I Wish of Sweet SongsEmily Mitchell3
D-DayCharlie Weaver4
Worst War’
Rian Razzaque5
From Up HighRowan Newland6
The Longest DayCharlotte Day7
“Daddy, I Love
Amelia Highnam8
D-DayCarl Perrett9
As IBeth Sadler10
D-DayCharlie Weaver11
D-Day 1944Josh Booth12
Daddy Where Are You?Lauren Angeli13
A Day Like Any Other?Gareth Price14
In The SandDavid Humphreys15
D-DayJack Armstrong16
2008 Poems
Page Number
The Price of FreedomFiona Kirkpatrick1
The BeachesWilliam Ferreira2
Hope was ebbing awayElspeth Newlin3
Memory in HistoryHannah Maese4
DAYS OF PASTOliver Pickup5
No one knew who would winNatalie Antat6
Damaged Beyond RepairAlex Lester8
PanicWilliam Thommes9
ProudGuy Fisher10

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