Experience Normandy!

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Experience Normandy!

Kate Coffey of EDU Trips and Geert Van den Bogaert of Normandy Allies are preparing to welcome travelers as programs resume.
Marsha Smith, President of Normandy Allies, is overseeing the transition to new leadership and expanded programming.

Starting on 6 June 1944, thousands of Allied soldiers combined forces during WWII to land on the Normandy coast and wrote history that changed the world forever. Over the course of the Normandy Campaign, they were welcomed as liberators and discovered people and places they had never seen before. They eventually returned home after laying the foundations of what would become a special and lasting friendship with the people of Normandy.

Normandy Allies offers students, teachers, and life-long learners the possibility to perpetuate that friendship and learn in-depth about the history that started it.

You will benefit from our unique educational tour program as:

You will learn over the course of the entire program from a cadre of English-speaking expert guides from the US, the UK, Canada, France, Russia, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany who all live in Normandy and have lived and guided there for at least a decade each. These officially licensed Normandy guides and/or members of the Normandy Battlefield Tour Guides Association, combine over 2 centuries worth of extensive knowledge and research about the history of WWII in Normandy and about the region itself which you will be able to tap into!

You will experience the many close friendships with the people of Normandy that we have built over the past two decades. You will meet and exchange with local citizens, visit their homes, listen to their eyewitness accounts of the events during WWII and receive a special welcome from local leaders who will all treat you as if you were family. You will experience a powerful cultural immersion that reveals the common values shared by the people of Normandy and the Allied Forces. And you will enjoy lots of great food as well!

You will participate in numerous moments of active commemoration with those who have never forgotten the price of their freedom at various memorials, cemeteries, and other historic sites. You will attend our own special ceremony at the Wall of Remembrance in Saint-Jean-de-Savigny, you will reflect at our own Peace tree at the German Military Cemetery in La Cambe and you will lay a wreath at the grave of a fallen hero at one of the Allied Forces Cemeteries, to name just a few powerful examples.

Contact Geert Van den Bogaert, Program Manager, to make plans for your journey! geert@normandyallies.org

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