Join us as we journey to Normandy to remember and honor all who served during the 1944 Landings and Liberation. Our annual International Experience continues to ensure that this history will never be forgotten.

“This trip has increased my knowledge to heights that I never would have expected about the mental and emotional aspects of the Normandy Landings. I learned not only about personal stories through Walter Carter and the Normandy American Cemetery at Colleville, but how amazing it really was that the Allies pulled it off. With everything that went wrong and through all the bloodshed the brave men ended up pushing through and winning. LTC Peter Combee showed me that with all his lessons and being on the beaches as the lesson was going on was really moving.

The most significant and meaningful part of this trip was the experience I got on the beaches. Omaha was the most amazing to me because it showed how difficult it was for the GIs and Rangers at Pointe du Hoc. Also the Circular Theater really sparked a passion inside me that I didn’t know was there.”

–AD, student, Farmington NY

“The trip has absolutely increased my knowledge of the Normandy Landings. While I felt I was well read on the subject matter, overall the ability to view the terrain provided a helpful guide to give the events the realism needed to better understand them. It allows me as an educator to begin considering a wide range of opportunities for how to introduce the landings and subsequent engagements into my courses. I think that both lodging places in Bayeux and Grandcamp-Maisy provided an effective, and welcoming base of operations for us to participate in the program.”

–JF, professor, Oak Park IL

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