A Student Writes About the Legacy of D-Day

Posted by on Oct 25, 2013 in Tributes and Remembrances

A Student Writes of “D-Day: A Victory With Valor”

We receive lots of requests from students who want to know about D-Day and the Battle for Normandy. Many are doing research for reports or school projects. Normandy Allies realizes the importance of helping younger generations gain a broader understanding of the events of 1944 and their impact on the last half-century. We are very gratified that veterans and survivors have allowed us to share their experiences and recollections via our website. These stories allow others to learn about the sacrifices and contributions of those who endured the horrors of war. It is also very meaningful to hear from students who have been touched by these deeds.

Zachary Millican, a high school senior in Tennessee, is one such student. He recently shared with us a research paper he wrote about D-Day. Zachary became interested in D-Day after seeing the movie “Saving Private Ryan.” He talked with a local D-Day veteran and then did research on his own to prepare for his paper.

In summing up his feelings about those who made the ultimate sacrifice on D-Day, Zachary wrote:

“It was a day when thousands upon thousands of men gave their lives with valor, so people could live in freedom. Not only could they live in freedom then, but we can still live in freedom to this very day without having to worry about the Gestapo, or Secret Police barging in and making sure every thing is going as perfect as they want it. Thanks to the men who died that day, all of us can live here today in freedom.”

This is a fitting tribute to those who served and those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Thanks Zachary for sharing these words with us and shedding light on a powerful legacy of D-Day.

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