Woman Searching For Siblings Born in England 1944-1953

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Woman Searching For Siblings Born in England 1944-1953
George E. Hulett

George E. Hulett

My father George E. Hulett (nickname: “Jimmy Dale”) US Army was:

  • April 1944 Slapton Sands (undergoing training for Normandy)
  • May 1944 Braunton Camp, Devon, England
  • US Assault Training Center…Marshalling Area D-10
  • June 1, 1944 Martinstown, Dorset, England. 
  • He shipped out with troops for Normandy. He did not make first Invasion due to illness, had to return with wounded troops to a military hospital.
  • He went out with Replacement Troops, arrived at Normandy, was there for Liberation of France.
  • He fought in the Ardennes, Battle of the Bulge, Surrender of Germany…left England for US December 25, 1945.
  • Arrived at Rhein-Main Airfield 1950, upon graduation from OCS Ft. Riley, KS as 2nd Lte. George E. Hulett
  • Arrived at Bremerhaven Port with myself, my sister Patricia and my mother Helen 1950.
  • Dad was stationed on base with us until 1953.

I am looking for information pertaining to siblings born in England during these years.

George E. Hulett

George E. Hulett

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