Experience Normandy!

Kate Coffey of EDU Trips and Geert Van den Bogaert of Normandy Allies are preparing to welcome travelers as programs resume. Marsha Smith, President of Normandy Allies, is...

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Testimonies from French Friends

Testimonies from French — Friends July 2019 We are grateful to Colleen Green for these notes at two gatherings during Normandy Allies’ July 2019 program: our dinner with...

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75th Anniversary Of the Landings and Liberation

Normandy Allies July 14-27, 2019: 75th Anniversary of the Landings and Liberation “For all of the spectacular battlefields, memorials, and exhibits we’ve seen, the most...

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History of Normandy Allies

Normandy Allies was founded in 1997 by Marsha Smith and Mary M. Stubler, nieces of S/Sgt. Benedict A. Smith, killed in action in Normandy on July 30, 1944.

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Future Programs


Educational Travel to Normandy for Students, Teachers and Life-Long Learners

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Contact Us

For information on our future programs or to arrange for a private tour:

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1999 student, Blythewood SC

I am used to the same people, lower to middle class kids, and never seeing really a better side of the world. So the most significant thing to me about this trip was me learning to love another culture other than ours.


2002 student, Ramsey NJ

I learned an incredible amount on this trip that I will take with me forever. But I think the most significant thing about the trip was the bond I made with the other kids. I feel like I’ve known them my whole life, and I am sure we will remain great friends for a long time.


2003 student, Novato CA

The personal aspects of the war, which I couldn’t have understood without having the chance to speak with the witnesses. Being able to experience the emotions of the French people is what made this time more than just a history lesson.